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The new Curator’s Talk Series provides an in-depth look at the artists, themes, and creative dynamics that have gone into the most recent art exhibition at the Garden.

Curator of Art, Laura J. Mueller, PhD will present additional insights and background that will bring fuller understanding and enrich perspectives of the exhibition, Spirits Rising: Hiroshima by Ishiuchi Miyako.

Enjoy light refreshments while learning directly from our curator as she presents a slide lecture focusing on the artist and a selection of works on display.
Masumi Timson will present a lecture on traditional Japanese Koto music, followed by a hands-on session. Students would have a session to play ‘Sakura (Cherry Blossom)’, which is one of the most famous and popular Koto compositions. Masumi also enjoys collaborating with various musical instruments such as Japanese bamboo flute, Shamisen (three-stringed instrument), Violin, and Piano, etc. This time, she will join Courtney Drehle, an accordion player, to show how this traditional Japanese harp can collaborate with Western music instruments.

The history of koto – Japanese traditional and ancient musical instrument – dates back over 1,400 years and has seen many changes during this time. Koto Master Masumi Timson’s presentation will include a PowerPoint lecture on the historical background of koto, how koto music has changed over the centuries, and how traditional Japanese culture has influenced koto music. It also discusses where this instrument stands in today’s society, and the influence of Western music. This will conclude with a hands-on activity in which participants will experience practicing koto and playing one of the most famous koto songs, Sakura (Cherry Blossom).

The performance will feature a musical chronology of the esoteric nature of traditional and contemporary Japanese koto music, accompanied by accordion played by Courtney Drehle. This lecture/hands-on session provides a rewarding and educational experience for students and the general public.
These intimate tour focus not on meditation, but on learning to bring mindful awareness to oneself, and the world around us, through intentional observation and connections.

On this journey through the Garden, an experienced guide provides a foundation of the art of contemplative exploration. They will gently lead awareness away from the business of everyday life, toward the connection to nature and experience of peace.

Each tour is subtly tailored to the season, weather (occurs rain or shine), and garden spaces to help members continue to enhance future Garden visits through mindful practice.
The presentation will explore the life and work of Ishiuchi Miyako (b. 1947), including her place in art history, feminist themes apparent in her art, and an overview of the critical reception within the context of Japanese post-war photography. It will incorporate a brief introduction about the newly-opened Artizon Museum in Tokyo.

Lecturer Bio:
Ms. Michiko Kasahara has been the Vice Director of the recently re-opened Artizon Museum (formerly known as Bridgestone Museum of Art) in Tokyo since 2018. For the previous twelve years, she served as Chief Curator at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Her extensive curatorial work included appointment as commissioner of the Japanese Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale (2005), which included an installation of photographic work by Ishiuchi Miyako. Her publications include a collection of essays titled Gender Perspectives in Photography, 1991-2017 (2017) and Politics of the Nude: The Work of Female Photographers (2008).
Textile artisan Judilee Fitzhugh will lead a textile workshop series exploring several techniques in a hands-on learning environment.

Event fee includes full access to Cultural Workshop: Seasonal Textile Study Course. Must attend all four sessions.

Saturday, February 22: Mouse Bag (stitching)
10am – 2:30pm

Saturday, May 23: Journey into Indigo & Shibori
10am – 4:30pm

Saturday, August 8: Boro Mending
10am – 3:30pm

Saturday, November 7: Contact Printing
10am – 3:30pm
Offered for the first time at the Garden, a four-session ikebana study course designed to teach participants beginner Hana Isho (flower design) ikebana classes in the Ohara School method and based on the curriculum set forth by the Ohara School of Ikebana.

Event fee includes full access to Cultural Workshop: Ikebana Study Course. Must attend all four sessions of either the morning or afternoon course.

Session 1: Tuesday, March 10, 2020
9am – noon
1pm – 4pm

Session 2: Tuesday, March 17, 2020
10am – noon
1pm – 3pm

Session 3: Tuesday, April 7, 2020
10am – noon
1pm – 3pm

Session 4: Tuesday, April 14, 2020
10am – noon
1pm – 3pm

Students will receive 9 hours of instruction per series.