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These intimate tour focus not on meditation, but on learning to bring mindful awareness to oneself, and the world around us, through intentional observation and connections.

On this journey through the Garden, an experienced guide provides a foundation of the art of contemplative exploration. They will gently lead awareness away from the business of everyday life, toward the connection to nature and experience of peace.

Each tour is subtly tailored to the season, weather (occurs rain or shine), and garden spaces to help members continue to enhance future Garden visits through mindful practice.
Sutemi Horiguchi and Japanese Modernism.

The prolific critic and historian of architecture and landscape architecture delves into a topic from his most recent book Thinking a Modern Landscape: Sutemi Horiguchi, one of the first Japanese architects to explore Modernist architecture in the west. In a fascinating example of cross-cultural currents, Horiguchi brought his own interpretation of western Modernist architecture – a movement that had been powerfully influenced by Japanese architecture — back to Japan.