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Jim Greaves, Curator of Viewing Stones at The Huntington, will speak about suiseki, his experience as a collector, and the stones on display in the exhibition Ice & Stone, which are drawn from the American Viewing Stone Resource Center (AVRSC) at the Huntington.
This two-day hands-on experience (on March 9th & 10th) teaches participants to design and build a bamboo fence panel using traditional Japanese materials and techniques with staff gardeners. The process begins with a walk around the Garden and a review of the use and placement of bamboo fences. There will be a discussion on types and styles as well as a review of the history and evolution of Japanese bamboo fences. Day one includes lectures and demonstrations, with hands-on tool practice and knot-tying sessions. On day two, participants apply their new skills to build a Japanese bamboo fence and receive a brief demonstration of fence repair and refurbishing.